Exercise Physiotherapy/ Physiology

Exercise Physiotherapists and Accredited Exercise Physiologists play a significant role as exercise specialists to prevent cancer and disease, to minimise the severity of cancer treatment side effects such as fatigue, and for some cancers to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. Exercise is also key in reconditioning during and after cancer treatment, to strengthen the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems. It is also an integral step to recovery pre and post-surgery with the aim of regaining range of motion, function and strength.


At BGAL Physiotherapy our Exercise Physiotherapist offers one-on-one assessments to create tailored exercise programs specific to our patient’s needs. We also offer group classes to a maximum of four, which allows for close observation and progressions. It is also a great opportunity for social interaction with other’s going through similar experiences. Our exercise programs are suitable for all levels of fitness and abilities.


Put on those joggers, give us a call on 6162 2964 and get started today 😊. With such compelling scientific data demonstrating the benefits and importance of exercise in the cancer space, the time to act is now!