Breast Physiotherapy

for management of cancer and reconstructive issues

Physiotherapy is recommended after surgery to inform patients of the post-operative process, provide guidelines regarding initial upper body movement limitations and assist people in understanding expectations of recovery. we provide step by step rehabilitation & scar tissue management care and provide guidelines to maximise the healing of the lymphatic system. 

Studies and clinical experience indicate that physiotherapy successfully reduces operative side effects and improves recovery. (Torres Lacomba, 2009; Struiver et al, 2015; McNeely et al, 2010; Ezzo et al, 2015)

Physiotherapy management is used to:

  • restore full movement of the chest and shoulder

  • regain strength & movement control of the chest and shoulder

  • manage pain & discomfort

  • manage stiffness

  • manage post operative oedema/swelling

  • monitor & manage lymphoedema

Patients may be seen:

  • pre-operatively

  • post-operatively

  • during/following chemo/radiation therapy

  • in rehabilitation, survivorship or palliative phases of care