Petrina Burnett

BGAL Founder & Author of "It's Not (Just) About the Breast"

B. Science (Physiotherapy)

M. Clinical Physio (Women's Health)

M.B.A. (Leadership & Innovation)

Dipl. Professional Pilates (Rehab)

Level 1 & 2 ALA Accredited Lymph Practitioner

Petrina qualified from Curtin University, Perth in 1996. Over 25 years since graduation, Petrina has worked in public and private settings in Perth, the UK and Melbourne. She has brought a unique specialist skill set to her oncology consultations, founded upon her comprehensive training as a general physiotherapist. She completed post-graduate Masters in Clinical Physiotherapy (Continence and Women's Health) in 2013 at Curtin University, majoring in the physiotherapy management of Women's and Men's Oncology. Petrina continues to be a sessional lecturer in Oncology for Curtin University post graduate and Notre Dame undergraduate physiotherapy students.

Petrina founded BGAL Physiotherapy 13 years ago. She has had over 14 years experience specifically in the physiotherapy management & rehabilitation of breast and gynaecologic cancers. Petrina was also been treated for familial breast cancer in 2007 at 31 and has had risk reducing surgery to prevent ovarian cancer. 

In addition to Petrina's professional work, she has been an active consumer representative, advocating for cancer consumers for various government, research and not for profit charities including BCNA, Breast Cancer Trials Australia, Cancer Australia and Medicare.

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